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Neotrope approaches every client Web project as if it were our own. We take a careful look at your overall goals, and make appropriate suggestions based on our own experience. We've helped over 300 companies build, maintain and promote their online business, and we would love the opportunity to help you.

Neotrope provides a wide variety of support and Web technology solutions to help new and existing businesses put their information online.

Here is an overview of our most popular additional Web services

Neotrope defines "hypermedia" as content which integrates one or more multimedia formats to enrich the online experience for your audience/customer. These technologies can include: Flash, streaming video, audio narration of site content, music, video-on-demand (VOD), QuickTime VR, 3-D/VRML, and more. We can help define, develop, and implement a wide array of immersive content for product information, interstitials, and entertainment.
   > neotrope "hypermedia" services

Web Banner Advertising Design
Neotrope can design and create any kind of IAB-format Web advertising banner for your campaign, including: static graphic, animated GIF, Flash, HTML form-based (such as search and/or drop down), or a mixture of any of these. We've built effective high-response banners for NASDAQ companies and for the small business "down the street." With over 7 years expertise in Web-advertising, we can help you develop something that drives customer response to your offer and "gets the clicks."
   > view sample banners in our web portfolio

Off-the-Shelf Application Solutions
Neotrope maintains a large library of proven solutions for the most-requested kinds of Web site applications. These are far less expensive to implement than custom-programming solutions, because they're already written and can work with any Unix/Linux Web server environment (not compatible with Frontpage-managed sites).

Standard Neotrope Unix/Linux CGI Solutions include:
  • Customer e-mail mailing list(s) system: allow site visitors to "sign up" for topical news or product info about your company and/or offerings
  • Customer Help Desk: manage customer support incidents from a secure ticket system
  • FAQ Manager: make managing customer questions and your answers as easy as possible from any Web browser
  • Subscription Content Manager: sell access to your site content or downloadable materials in up to three subscription terms (i.e., one day, one month, 12 months) with support for many popular payment gateways
  • Neotrope MAMS™ Ad Banner Management System: this proven system allows for multiple zones, sizes and banner types (including local, external, and affiliate; graphical, HTML, and/or Flash), and gives each advertiser their own log-in to view impressions and click-through response. Control campaigns by clicks, impressions, or time. (You can see this system in use at:, and, among many others.)
  • Real Estate Property Manager: easy-to-use system for any Realtor or broker to update their office listings with images, information, even video — all managed through the Web browser with no Web maintenance knowledge required. Loan calculation and other scripts available, too!
  • Much more!

Many of these solutions are included with, or available at moderate install fees for, our hosting clients. (See below for custom programming solutions.)
   > more about neotrope web hosting

Custom Perl CGI-script Programming
In addition to a vast "off the shelf" solution library of CGI-scripts which we utilize for our Web design client projects, Neotrope can also provide custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Use our request for proposal (RFP) form to inquire about this service as no custom Perl programming quotes can be provided by phone. We don't work Windows-based web server technologies, only Unix/Linux.
   > view examples in our client case studies

QuarkXpress-to-Web Conversion
Many of our clients have data they would like to repurpose for their Web site, such as product sheets or even complete catalogs or magazines, which have been created in QuarkXpress. We've provided a wide range of these kinds of solutions including: converting product sheets to PDF, extracting images and body text from Quark files and converting to HTML, and even taking Web site content and re-using in new Quark files for printing. Inquire for more information.

Acrobat PDF Services
Neotrope has been working with Adobe Acrobat technology since it was first released, as well as earlier e-print technologies like Common Ground (which we were using in 1994). In fact, Neotrope president Christopher Simmons has frequently written articles for several national publications on the use and options for PDF technology. Some examples of our PDF-based services include:
  • Scan printed documents to PDF format
  • Open PDF files and touch-up text
  • Convert entire Web sites to PDF format
  • Convert MS Word, Quark, Excel, PowerPoint and other electronic files to PDF
  • Add security features (prohibit changes, printing, and content extraction) to PDF files, including pre-existing files
  • Extract graphics and text to JPEG and RTF from PDF
  • Convert manuscripts to Acrobat "E book" formats

Please inquire about these PDF services using our information request form, and describe your needs as fully as possible.

Visual Content Protection Systems
One of the biggest problems with putting certain intellectual property online, such as photographs and artwork, is the ease with which somebody else can use your content — either by linking to your graphics (on your Web site) and using them in "spam" (bandwidth theft), and/or by copying the graphics to re-use in some way without your knowledge or permission. There are various solutions in the marketplace which can help deter and/or block these kinds of thieves.

Neotrope can assist you with installing and implementing the system you have chosen, as long as it works with Unix/Linux servers, or is completely Java-based (we cannot assist with systems that require Windows IIS Web servers).

And There's More...
We could go on, but the fact is many of our clients (maybe even you) aren't sure what services they need exactly. You are invited to contact us and allow us to assist you with determining your needs, and how we may assist you in addressing them. You may also wish to view our "methodologies" to get a better idea of the process involved with starting any Web-based development project with Neotrope. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you.
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