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site design and architecture

In 1995, leverging our extensive print and multimedia design skills, Neotrope began offering Web site design services to both existing and new businesses. Today, we have over seven years experience developing engaging and award-winning Web sites for our clients.

In fact, we've helped more than 300 companies build and maintain their online presence. We offer integrated solutions that can include: site design, e-commerce, audio/video conversion, copy writing/editing, content maintenance, Internet marketing, and Web hosting.

Because of our focus on "usability," many of our client projects have eschewed Flash and similar technologies because they often pose a barrier to working with information, viewing, and printing content. However, we can build projects completely in Flash, and can also build standard sites with rich media content like RealVideo, QuickTime, WindowsMedia, 3-D, and more. Visit our portfolios to view many of these past client projects.

Web Site Development
Copr. © 1995-2002 Neotrope Neotrope approaches every project as if it were our own, providing options and suggestions for enhancements that add impact or increase usability to potential site visitors. This process results in a better, more professional presentation. Following our standard development process methodology, we develop an overall strategy for the site project. This includes determining corporate focus, content depth, site structure, client goals and intended audience.

During the actual architecure (implementation) phase, we create accurate site maps (flow charts) showing every page and technical element involved in making the Web site function. From this we create graphical comprehensives ("comps") which are graphic designs that incorporate areas for functional content such as search engine, news tickers, and live dynamic content.

Once a design comp is chosen, a functional working edition is created live on the Internet. This functional version is exactly what a site visitor would see, and incorporates finalized versions of elements found in the static comps. Using our traditional design skills, we hand-sketch the outline of content areas, and hand-code all HTML. Many of our projects are so successful because hand-coding allows us to create interactive elements within a design that no retail development tool can. However, all of our architected sites can easily be imported into tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver later for simplified site maintenance and updates.

We refer to our development process as "site architecture" because it's far more than simply making a graphic design into functional HTML. We implement technologies to drop-in dynamic elements for things like page "footers," random content such as customer quotes, and much more. We use our extensive experience in Web site development to build optimized directory structures for navigation, and search engine optimization to help place your site higher in rank results. Neotrope includes these solutions as a "value add" to all of our client projects.

Cost Saving Pre-Production Libraries
Copr. © 1995-2002 Neotrope As part of our development process we provide our clients with access to our Client Lounge. This secure library contains visual guides to our extensive royalty-free image bank, our Web-compatible typeface selector, and Web-safe color charts. By allowing our clients to view these materials, it simplifies the "dial in" pre-production process, saving time and money during the design phase. Clients are allowed to pick and choose from stock elements that may be freely used on project sites at no additional cost. Image libraries are viewed in encrypted PDF format by theme and each image has a unique identification number. Of course, we can also provide custom imagery and illustrations, and re-purpose existing corporate and product images within the site design.

Additionally, we have an extensive library of functional systems like search engines, password protection and membership systems, support forums, polls, e-mail subscription systems and, of course, e-commerce solutions. These solutions can save hundreds of dollars in programming and development costs, because they are already developed and ready to go (Unix/Linux environments only).

Web Hosting Solutions
As a real Web hosting company (not a reseller of another company's services), Neotrope can provide you with a full-service Web presence, including detailed site traffic statistics, Web-based site management and e-mail, and much more. We also have extensive experience in search engine optimization and keyword marketing to help drive more targeted traffic to your site. To learn more about our Web hosting solutions for small business, click here.

Getting Started ...
Neotrope is an established, experienced, and highly-capable Web design studio. From print to Web, we can provide you with the solution you need, and we can work within your budget. Find out how we can provide Web design, architecture, and hosting solutions for your company: simply take five minutes to fill out our request for proposal.
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