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introduction & overview

Neotrope approaches every client Web project as if it were our own. We take a careful look at your overall goals, and make appropriate suggestions based on our own experience. We have numerous successful online businesses of our own, and twenty years of expertise marketing to businesses and consumers.

We began offering Web-based services to our clients in 1995, and Neotrope has proven experience in helping almost every kind of business develop an Internet presence. We realize that an effective Web business site is about much more than simply a "nice look" — it must communicate information effectively, be easy to use, and help your customer make a decision about your product or service.

Neotrope's Web services are based on the idea of a complete solution built around three core areas: design and development, hosting and maintenance, advertising and marketing. All of these areas should be properly defined and implemented together to be the most effective. Whether your company needs support in one or all of these areas, we're here to help.

Here is an overview of our core (primary) Web services:

Web Design and Architecture
In 1995, Neotrope began offering Web site design services to both existing and new businesses. Leverging our extensive print and multimedia design skills, as well as our past online experience (we were first "online" in the late 1980s — half a decade before the World Wide Web was invented), we were well positioned to provide the services most requested by companies seeking an Internet presence. Today, we have over seven years experience developing engaging and award-winning Web sites for our clients. In fact, we've helped more than 400 companies build and maintain their online presence. We offer integrated solutions that can include: site design, e-commerce, content maintenance, Internet marketing, and Web hosting.
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Web Hosting for Small Business
With customers throughout North America, Neotrope provides affordable virtual Web hosting for every kind of business. Companies like yours have chosen Neotrope Hosting because of our reasonable pricing, easy e-commerce, high performance state-of-the-art hardware and network systems, wide range of features, 99.9% reliability guarantee, and our proven dedication to excellence. We offer business-class hosting exclusively on our own Unix/Linux Sun servers (we do not offer Windows-based hosting), located in a secure datacenter facility with multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone. Neotrope has offered reliable, secure Web hosting since 1996.
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Web Site Maintenance
Neotrope offers full support for clients who do not have in-house staff available to update and manage their Web site and/or e-commerce content. Even if we don't design or host your site, we can provide world-class support services for almost any kind of Web presence. For hosting customers we also offer maintenance contracts to manage everything from content updates, to your employee e-mail accounts.
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Easy Internet e-Commerce
Because every small business is different, we work with our clients to identify and enable e-commerce solutions that work within their budgets and which can be efficiently managed. We can even help with content management, product photography, and (of course), marketing. For very small companies with only a few products, we can suggest solutions which don't even require a merchant account, special software, or a secure certificate (all of which are commonly needed for larger businesses).
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Internet Marketing
Many companies neglect one of the most important aspects of building an online business presence, and that is marketing. As with a traditional real world business: if you don't advertise, how will people know you're open? Neotrope has proven expertise in search engine keyword placements, peformance-based advertising, media marketing, and customer retention marketing. We can help you drive the traffic to your business that drives your success!
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Other Web Services
In addition to the above primary services, Neotrope can provide a wide variety of support and Web technology solutions to help you get your business information online and in the hands of your customers quickly and affordably.
  • Web banner design
  • Custom Perl cgi-script programming for Unix/Linux
  • QuarkXpress-to-Web conversion
  • PDF file conversion (from print files, etc.)
  • Visual content "protection" solutions to protect photos/artwork from bandwidth theft and file copying — we can help you implement and install any solution that runs on Unix/Linux
  • Custom application and "portal" solutions for Unix/Linux such as: mailing list systems, customer help desk, FAQ manager, secure subscription content, news content manager, ad banner manager system, real estate property manager, more!

Our customers rave about the quality of our services and expertise. We'd love to show you how we can assist you with your Web-related needs.
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Here are some of our most popular additional Web services

Neotrope defines "hypermedia" as content which integrates one or more multimedia formats to enrich the online experience for your audience/customer. These technologies can include: Flash, streaming video, audio narration of site content, music, video-on-demand (VOD), QuickTime VR, 3-D/VRML, and more. We can help define, develop, and implement a wide array of immersive content for product information, interstitials, and entertainment.
   > neotrope "hypermedia" services

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