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Audio Video Solutions

Neotrope offers best-in-class audio/video solutions

From our two studio rooms, called STUDIO A (video) and STUDIO B (audio), we can provide numerous solutions for audio editing and restoration, video editing and encoding, and more.

Neotrope Studio B -2021 Mixing Desk

Neotrope Studio B -2021 Mixing Desk


Neotrope offers numerous solutions for audio restoration, including:

  • Editing in Logic X (Apple macOS) or Studio One (Windows OS).
  • Restoration: noise removal, hum and buzz removal, mix balance, and “quick mastering.”
  • Upsampling and downsampling bitrate of files.
  • Batch conversion of audio formats (e.g., mpeg to wav, aiff to wav, wav to flac, etc.).
  • Music composition for film and video productions.
  • Cassette tape transfer to digital. CD transfer to digital.


  • 32 channels Universal Audio Apollo audio I/O, with extensive UAD modeled plugins.
  • Focal Twin6 Be powered studio monitors with matched sub-woofer (with switch out circuit).
  • API Select T25 2-channel Tube Compressor, API Select T12 2-channel Tube Microphone Preamp.
  • SSL (Solid State Logic) UF8 Advanced DAW Controller and UC1 Advanced Plug-in Controller (with SSL channel strip processing in DAW).
  • Tascam 122 MKIII professional studio cassette deck and Tascam CD Recorder.



  • NLE software solutions utilizing Final Cut Pro (mac OS), Davinci Resolve; and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Video encoding, A.I. upsampling (e.g., 1080p to 4K), audio restoration.
  • Video capture from SVHS, CD/DVD, web.

To hire Neotrope to assist you with your needs, please contact us with a general outline. Depending on workload, we may or may not be able to help you due to limited resources during the ongoing pandemic.