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Note: prior to late June 2001, Neotrope was known as Mindset. The press releases in this archive prior to that date will show the company name as Mindset (or Mindset Media, MindsetNetwire, etc.) and not Neotrope.



LOS ANGELES, CA -- /PR Newswire/ -- September 16, 2002 -- West Coast-based media relations and technology marketing company Neotrope ( today announced that it has been selected by software company KoloSoft Inc. ( of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA as their agency of record. As part of this agreement, Neotrope will provide both media relations and Internet marketing services to promote the KoloSoft line of Internet monitoring applications.

KoloSoft Inc. selected Neotrope because of their suite of innovative public relations and business promotion services, and their history of representing the technology sector. Neotrope is a marketing, brand development, and media relations company founded in 1983, and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Neotrope has previously represented VARs, memory companies, PC manufacturers, and software developers.

"Neotrope has amply demonstrated an expert knowledge of our market," said Wayne Davis, President and founder of KoloSoft Inc. "Our products are designed to provide both knowledge and protection for PC users. KoloSoft will not only capture everything a user types into the computer, but also logs all activity on the Internet. This is crucial to know where and what your kids are up to (or any family member or employee). This can even be done remotely to avoid appearing to intrude on your teenagers, something every parent is sensitive to."

"We're proud to have been selected to provide KoloSoft's media relations and marketing services," said Neotrope president Christopher Simmons. "With increased awareness of threats to child safety by Internet predators, mis-use of resources by both part- and full-time employees, and the like, the KoloSoft product line provides viable -- and affordable -- solutions to these concerns."

In addition to professional public relations services, Neotrope offers "budget" PR services through an online site called Send2Press ( Through Send2Press, small businesses that can't afford traditional PR have access to the talents of professional writers and editors at discounted rates. Neotrope/Send2Press recently signed a partnership agreement with PR Newswire to add additional first tier news distribution services to the Send2Press suite of solutions.

Neotrope(R) is a privately held company founded in 1983 and is located in Torrance, California (Los Angeles County). Neotrope is the company formerly known as Mindset.

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