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Neotrope takes a structured approach to client engagement, from the inital contact to the final delivered solution. We have standardized systems in place for project and time management in order to complete client projects efficiently and accurately.

Although each project can be quite different, our process for working with our clients remains much the same for all our solutions:

This initial qualification phase includes introduction, consulting and determining if there is a mutual fit between us. At this phase we seek to understand your goals, your audience, your needs, and how we can implement these within your budget. If your goals are outside your current budget, we can suggest alternatives and/or determine phase one, two, three (etc.) options.

If your goals and our capabilities seem a good match, we would mutually agree to move forward with a definition phase of the project.

For new Web development projects we engineer a summary site-map of the complete content with relationships of static elements to dynamic elements and/or applications and data sources. For other projects we determine specifics such as catalog page counts, media formats and lengths for audio/video, etc. From these initial project definitions, we determine what resources will be required such as: graphic design, photography, copy writing, Web application design, hypermedia (AV, Flash, 3-D, VRML, etc.).

The summary definition is a formal outline of every element which shall be addressed in the project, whether originated from scratch or converted from existing media.

Based on discovery and definition, we will make a formal written proposal. If the proposal is accepted, a written agreement will be provided outlining budget requirements and all work to be performed.

*See Note, Below.

For Web projects, based on the project definition and client preferences, we design a graphic user interface (GUI) for the online presence and creative visual prototypes are delivered for your review and approval.

For brand identity we develop initial comprehensives ("comps") as a starting point for further development. For audio/video and streaming work, we create test demo files for preview either online or via CDR/DVDR. We have an extensive typography/font library, production music and sound fx library, and royalty-free image library from which to choose creative elements. All clients have access to our resource catalogs from our Client Lounge.

This stage comprises the bulk of the project. For Web projects, it includes architecture of a Web site, e-commerce and custom application programming, converting graphic designs to working HTML/DHTML and Web-optimized images — and/or building a Flash-enabled Web application.

For brand identity this stage includes completion of a logo and implementation onto business cards and other company communications materials. For audio/video it can include capture, editing, correction, transcoding, encoding, and sound design. For catalogs and periodicals this might include product photography, page layouts, copy writing, proofing and ensuring content is press-ready.

For Web projects this phase includes installation of working Web presence and content on either a virtual hosted server or dedicated server, and testing phase prior to going "live."

For e-media such as CDR/DVDR it can include replication. For packaging, media kits, newsletters, catalogs and other collateral it can include printing, converting and mailing to customer lists.

Neotrope offers varied maintenance services depending on type of project. For Web solutions, we offer ongoing support contracts for content updates, server management, data back-up and the like.

For brand marketing and customer relationship marketing, we can provide ongoing design, publishing and mailing services for newsletters, press kits, catalogs and other collateral.

*Note: For extensive consulting and education prior to a formal agreement to engage our services, we may require a modest fee for the measurable time spent in working with you to outline your project definition, even if you do not engage us to do the work. We may decline to do major proposals based on your RFP in multiple bid situations without a minimum fee for consulting time.

Find out how we can provide an effective solution for your needs: simply take five minutes to fill out our request for proposal and information form.

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