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"From editing to encoding, Neotrope's staff is consistently sensitive to the needs of the client. Their expertise is nothing less than impressive!"
Edward Cainglit; Pres., Dental Hygiene Review

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audio/video suite

Neotrope has a versatile in-house audio and video (AV) suite that is capable of providing a wide range of services.

AV Capture and Encoding for the Web
Copr. © 2001 Dental Hygiene Review
Demo online video training
course — captured, edited
and encoded by Neotrope.

Real8 format; 320x240; 3.4MB
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We can assist your business with making audio files, video files, and related content Web-ready. Whether your original content is in analog (such as cassette tape or video tape) or digital (such as CD, DVD or DV), we can capture, edit, and encode in any or all of the following formats:

  • Real Audio/Video formats
  • QuickTime 5 and 6 (Sorenson and MPEG4)
  • Windows Media
  • MPEG 1, 2, and 4; MP3 audio
  • DivX 5
  • Sorenson Squeeze for FlashMX

Audio Preparation for Replication
Copr. © Neotrope Because Neotrope has its own record label (Neotrope Records), we have the facility to prepare projects for audio CD replication. This process includes normalizing audio tracks to peak at "zero digital VU," encoding subcode data such as ISRC codes and CD text, and preparing the master CD to send to the replication house. Neotrope can also provide turnkey CD duplication, for both audio and software projects, to create retail ready product.

Please contact us today to learn more about our audio/video services.

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