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studio tour

Neotrope's small offices comprise three separate studio areas, each optimized for a specific set of project types. Each studio space is connected via a local area network (LAN), behind a secure firewall.

Studio A: Print and Web Media Design
Copr. © Neotrope Studio A is the area which has our two main graphic workstations set-up for print and Web media design. Also managed in this area are Web marketing and public relations services, as well as Web hosting support services. The LAN and DSL/Web network connections are also managed from this area.

Neotrope Studio A  "Gear Box"
Macintosh PPC G4/500
Multiple 40GB IDE Drives
DVD-RAM 2.0/DVD-R Writer
Zip 100 Drive
Separate SCSI Bus
19" + 17" CRT Displays
(Dual monitor set-up)
Analog RGB Video in/out
Primary Applications:
• Adobe Acrobat Suite 5
• Adobe Illustrator 8/10
• Adobe Photoshop v6/7
• BBEdit 6.5
• Corel Bryce 5
• Macromedia Flash 5/6MX
• MS Office 2001
• QuarkXpress v4/5
• TCWorks Spark XL 2.0
Generic PC/333i
Asus 50X CD
Separate SCSI Bus
17" CRT Display
USB and MIDI ports
Primary Applications:
• Neotrope Public Relations software
• Neotrope Web Promotion software
• MGI PhotoSuite 4
• MS Office 2001
• Web Cam Capture/Encode
• Web Radio Streamer
Workstation Peripherals
• APC UPS Power Protection
• External 1.44MB USB Floppy
• Maxtor 80GB Firewire Portable
• Teac CD-RW (ISRC capable)
• Yamaha YST 3-pc. Audio
• Epson 4-color Inkjet Printer
• HP Color LaserJet (Pantone/Postscript)
• Microtek Scanmaker 4900 Scanner
• Microtek 4500t Film Scanner
• Primera Signature IV CD Printer

Studio B: Audio/Video Suite
Copr. © Neotrope Studio B is our suite which is optimized for digital video (DV) capture and editing as well as audio recording and 3-D work. Studio B can also be utilized for overflow work from Studio A.

Neotrope Studio B  "Gear Box"
Macintosh G4/500 Server
10K RPM SCSI-3 Drives
40GB IDE Scratch Drive
DVD-RAM 1.0 Writer
Zip 100 External Drive
Separate Fast SCSI Bus
15" + 15" LCD Displays
(Dual monitor set-up)
Analog RGB Video in/out
Primary Applications:
• Adobe After Effects 5
• Adobe Premiere
• Apple Final Cut Pro
• Avid ProTools LE
• Corel Bryce 5
• Discreet Media Cleaner
• Electric Rain Swift 3D
• MOTU Digital Performer 3
• Production Music/SFX Libraries
• TCWorks Spark XL 2.0
Other Studio B Gear
• APC UPS Power Protection
• Auralex Sound Proofing
• Event 20/20 Studio Speakers
• MOTU 828 48KHz 24bit Audio
• Rio Volt CD/MP3 Player
• Sharp Analog RGB Monitor
• Sony DCR-PC100 DV Cam
• Behrenger 16x4 Mixer
• Akai S2000 Sampler
• E-MU ESI2000 Sampler
• Korg Wavestation EX
• Kurzweil K2000Sv3 Expanded
• Oberheim Matrix 1000
• Roland PC-100 Controller
• Roland U-220
• Yamaha TX-81Z
• Akai-MPD16

Studio C: Photography Suite (under construction)
Studio C will be finished late Summer 2002 and will allow us to again shoot product photography for print catalogs (and the Web), as well as other photo work, in-house. A rotating product platform will allow for "all sides" product photography suitable for QuickTime VR, IBM HotMedia, RealView3D and similar online image viewing solutions.

Neotrope Studio C  "Gear Box"
Macintosh PowerBook G3/500
SCSI, Firewire, USB
Analog RGB Video in/out
Photo Gear:
• Minolta Maxxum 9000 AF 35mm
• Fujica ST701 Manual 35mm
• Fuji 1.3mp Digital
• Nikon 5.1mp Digital
• Lighting, Flash, and Backdrops

Facility and business insurance provided by State Farm. Security services provided by SSM. Our Web servers are not installed at our design offices.

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